Coil Curl Human Hair Loc Extensions - Full Head Order

Length- From root to tip

Don't forget these...

Warning: These aren’t the average dreadlock extensions. You know, the ones that are hard as heck, won't hold a style and seem super suspect and possibly synthetic.

Not over here!

Frvr locs are a mix of love, high quality 100% Virgin hair and pure dope texture. I created these locs because I was tired of those stiff locs the gworls have been settling for. Frvr Locs are soft to the touch yet firm and light weight. As they age they become more and more beautiful. Each loc is handmade so they're always unique and customized!


The amount of locs you receive is based on the size you choose. You will receive enough for a full head install. 

  • If you choose XSmall you will receive  100 Locs.
  • If you choose Small you will receive  80 Locs. 
  • If you choose Medium you will receive  80 Locs.


The coil is handmade by wrapping the hair around rods. If the hair is washed/combed or colored, it will drop to a kinky curly. To recreate the curl, use rods or finger curling. 

The Difference

These locs cannot be found in a beauty store and cannot be compared to others on the market. Not only are they handmade, they're crafted with the finest virgin to ensure they age beautifully and are long lasting. Each loc is made with intention and care. 


 Processing time is 4 weeks and shipping takes 3-5 days (not including weekends). 


They are hand made and because of this we do not accept refunds. On this page you will find every detail you need to make your purchase.


 These beautiful locs are offered in our most popular colors. Natural brown is the default color that the hair arrives in. It is a deep brown/off black color free or dyes. The hair can be bleached/dyed. Please note hair bleaching chemicals  are required to create the ombre and lighter colors, this can result in the curls/waves becoming looser than they are when in their original state with no dye. Keep this is mind.

Installing & Attaching to your hair

Your hair should be at least 3" long. They can be added to existing locs to add length OR used for loc extensions. These locs can be worn permanently or temporarily. 

If installed permanently, as your hair grows only your roots are maintained via palm rollings, interlocking or root crochet by a find a knowledgeable loctician 

There are a variety of ways to install them temporarily, please check Youtube. 

If you’d like an install by HerMuse please head to  HerMuseStudio in Atlanta, Ga, 


You can wash and color the extensions, they are made with 100% human hair. Use leave in conditioner on the ends to keep them soft & supple if you have elected curly/loose ends.